UCSF Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative and Me

This collects what I think is all of my public engagements with staff or researchers at BHHI. This has been all on Twitter, except for at one online event which I asked a question, which I repeated on twitter.

I gathered this with the following search query including all the BHHI-associated accounts with which I’ve interacted:

“from:tmccormick AND (@ucsfbhhi OR @mkushel OR @resnikoff OR @cynthianagendra OR @GrahamPruss)”

which corresponds to this URL:


I then gathered all those tweets, removed those I judged to be basically incidental references to BHHI/staff (eg just cc-ing them) and then for the remaining, added tweets from the threads in which they occurred, if judged relevant for understanding the context.

You could follow the link above to get the unprocessed full list.


Can a book project be a cooperative, created and managed by a community of contributors and supporters? Or, what might happen if it were?

Now there’s an opportunity to find out if and how this can work, by supporting or becoming a founding cooperative member of open publishing project, Village…

Willamette Week reporter Sophie Peel interviewed me, on Friday, May 14, 2021. We both recorded it. This is my transcription from my recording, edited for brevity and clarity.

The “split between local leaders and everyone else”

Sophie: [00:04:58]
There’s quite a split between local leaders, both politicians and agencies, and everyone else about how to best address the…

A book/platform project concept, developed from a Twitter thread.

I saw a tweet announcing this event on June 7, hosted by the Toronto Association for Business Economics, featuring the University of Ottawa’s Dr. Tim Aubry, whom I follow.

I generously interpreted moderator Randall Bartlet’s mention of moderating the event’s Q&A…

People of Alumni Affairs! I wax wroth at thy solicitations.

I have sought to cast off these cries to me in the wilderness, from you and, especially unfortunately, commercial third parties who contact me on your behalf. …

(note: this story is mostly made of embedded Tweets, and a few YouTube videos. If you see a blank area below, it’s probably a Tweet or video still loading, or possibly failed to load. You can try refreshing to get all).

this was prompted by a story and Tweet…

*satirical, describes my afternoon/evening tweet storm with Kafoury & friends in Portland.

The story referenced there was the cover story of Sunday’s The Oregonian, the Pacific Northwest’s largest-audience news publication. Thank you, reporter Nicole Hayden.

So far, a full eight hours later, I am the sole respondent to this…

fully automated luxury abundant California housing, the easy way.

From the trenches of California housing reform, the essential Chris Elmendorf of UC Davis offered another valuable report recently. The housing planners have issued spreadsheets:

I applaud progress and good-faith effort, and anyone still with us on this long walk to freedom. However, these hard-won steps still seem, to we…

“War is the health of the State,” wrote Randolph Bourne in 1918; and perhaps here in Portland, we see how protest & occupation uprising can be the health of the multi-State or post-State. It’s a scenario where quite a range of actors might deploy and gain physical or media territory…

A friend posted about an event she would be co-hosting:
The Ethics of Living Online: A conversation with 2Fik and Alana Conner
Wednesday, November 6th, 2019, 6-8 pm, Carleton College

I commented: perhaps there could be a companion event, ‘The Ethics of Living Offline’?

Tim McCormick

editor, @HousingWiki; lead organizer, @VillageCollaborative; organizer/editor, @PDXshelterforum. Portland, OAK, LDN, nomadic. tmccormick at gmail.

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