A New Pattern Language: Homelessness

Tim McCormick
2 min readMay 20, 2021

A book/platform project concept, developed from a Twitter thread.

I saw a tweet announcing this event on June 7, hosted by the Toronto Association for Business Economics, featuring the University of Ottawa’s Dr. Tim Aubry, whom I follow.

I generously interpreted moderator Randall Bartlet’s mention of moderating the event’s Q&A session, as an opportunity to suggest a question:
(note, this post includes embedded tweets, if you see blank space it’s probably a tweet or image still loading. You may need to wait, or reload page to get it).

Kenneth Gibb, Housing researcher at Glasgow University, Director Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE) @housingevidence, happened to follow me around then; I think because I followed him earlier.
So, I invited him into the conversation, because as Olive Garden restaurant chain says, When you’re here, You’re family.

What next!? You can add on thread, I’ll curate and add here. This is agile live-writing/editing & networking the fast way!

we can call it New Pattern Language: Homelessness / No Place Like Home, v.01, if we like, because heck, this is agile, ie mostly imaginary. The type of rapid-prototyping, low-effort for small chance of large payoff, which dreams are made of, and so too, many of my remaining prospects in life, to get out from under.

I made an image expressing this, so that it can be made the Medium post preview image/card that loads when you share link on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Both prefiguration, and building the new world inside the shell of the old!



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